Where can I find the perspective bidders list on Bidnet Direct?

Each self-published opportunity may have a perspective bidders list called “Document Request List”. This list is located within each individual solicitation. To be on this list, the perspective bidders must download at least one document.

Will I be able to save searches?

Yes! Each of your company users can save their own searches for open solicitations, closed or awarded bids using filters based on location - down to the County level - keywords, negative keywords, NAICS/NIGP codes, and more.

I have more questions and would like to contact someone, who can I contact?

Yes! We had a webinar in December 2022. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording below:

In this webinar, we discussed some of the features of the platform and demonstrate how to find open bids, research, and network on Bidnet Direct.

How much will I need to pay for an extra user on Bidnet Direct?

There is no additional charge to add an extra user on your account when you sign up for one of our Statewide or Federal packages. That means you can add your sales representatives, specific business development representatives or anyone else from your company with varying access levels.

How do I register on Bidnet Direct?

Registration is easy! Simply click on the link below based on your business interest and pick the plan that best suits your needs. We even offer Federal opportunities to help expand your company’s scope or work.

Our vendor support team is here to answer your questions about the Bidnet Direct and Construction Bid Board partnership. You can contact our team via email at construction@bidnet.com

Will I see the same content on Bidnet Direct and Construction Bidboard?

Bidnet Direct will issue all solicitations PLUS even more Construction Bids within California and throughout the country. As of March 31st, 2023, all opportunities will be on Bidnet Direct. Until that time, users who register with Bidnet Direct for a Statewide or Federal package will also keep their access to Construction Bidboard.

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What are some of the benefits of Bidnet Direct?

Bidnet Direct offers robust features to help your construction company grow within California or when you decide to expand to other states. Here are some features that can help you:

Will you have any webinars to help with navigating the Bidnet Direct platform?

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  • Access to Exclusive Agencies
  • Real Time Bid Notifications
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  • Advertising Package – Be seen by buyers specifically looking for your service
  • Saved Searches- Up to 50 per user
  • Advanced Filtering to target your scope of work 
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